Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to work for me! But not back to driving :(

Well, the past week has been interesting to say the least.  And frustrating.  I had orders to report back to my old unit on Tuesday, and I was supposed to report on Friday, but fortunately my commander and others helped push it back, seeing as I didn't even have a place to live, and have to rely on others to move with the no-driving issue.  I'm being removed from my medical unit because the doctor who makes determinations as to whether we stay in this unit or go back to duty says I am fine since I had a normal EEG (measuring my brain waves), but my neurologist still won't clear me to drive because I said I was still experiencing partial seizures... grrrr.  I honestly feel fine to drive/go back to my regular job, but my neurologist says otherwise (not about my job, but about driving).  Very frustrating.  Anyway, I'll be doing a more accurate test and if THAT one comes back normal, then I'll be cleared.  I am HOPING it does.

Anyway, this means I'll be reporting back to my old unit in a week or so.  It will be nice to get back to working a regular job, though I'm a bit worried about this whole no driving thing and getting around to/from work and appointments (which I'll still have a decent amount).  FORTUNATELY I'll be living less than two miles from work.  Definitely in cycling distance. I chose to live there for the sole reason that if this no driving thing continues (or happens again), it won't be hard to get rides (hopefully), oh, and the apartments are really nice.  UNfortunately, the weather here is NOT cycling weather - even if just for a couple of miles.  Lots of snow and ice covering the shoulders, so I'll need to find rides most days.  It's extremely frustrating being an officer and being unable to even drive myself to work.  If I was married/had a significant other here, it would be a lot easier, but alas, I am one of the few people I know who is not married, and my significant other is in another continent.  Ah the joys of the military.

I am trying very hard to maintain a positive attitude.  When I first got my orders to return, I was a bit shocked, as I knew I was still awaiting testing.  Especially when they originally gave me three days to report (not usually an issue if you're going to be resuming work in the same military facility, but with no place to live, and no driving to find one, it was a bit of a shock).  I'm doing better now, and again, I am looking forward to getting back into a normal routine and feeling useful again :)  I am wondering what my new position will be, as there are all ready too many officers, and I won't be able to deploy.  We shall see I suppose!

Anyway, just an update on what has been on my mind for the past week!