Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life is like a movie

So, I have been thinking for awhile, especially when I was watching Grey's Anatomy all the time... until I finished the series (sigh), that television shows/books/movies etc. are actually pretty accurate portrayals of real life, with entertainment value added, of course.  When I say accurate, I don't mean the actual ACTIVITIES; for example, everyone I know would say that Grey's is not accurate, or in my case, I was in the Glee Club at West Point.... yeahhh.... we definitely weren't dancing around on stage... Just singing in front of large audiences.  But, the things that the characters actually deal with (except I didn't spend a lot of time watching Glee, so I don't know all the characters)m.  Unless someone only sits at home watching movies all day without emotions, everybody's life can be pretty interesting.  I decided a long time ago that normal just does not exist.  Actually, sitting at home ALL the time doing nothing without emotions does not qualify as normal either, and it would make a really terrible plot... like one of those live cameras, but without cute animals or nice scenery.  The only thing that sucks about real life is that despite the similar plot, there are no predictable endings like there are in the movies.

Anyways, I really like writing (as evidenced by my blog), and I haven't done any creative writing in quite some time.  I have been thinking it might be fun to start writing again (as I have spoken with someone else about - you know who you are!) in my free time.  I am going to try to spend less time on social media - well, besides blogger!  I think it isn't so good for myself, or anyone for that matter!  Okay, I will TRY to spend less time on social media.  And in the mean time, I think I will try writing more again, and of course reading...  I was once a very avid reader, but I have been struggling in that area for a bit of time.  The problem with reading is that when I spend time reading for fun, I feel like I am avoiding school work... BUT, I do that when I am wasting time scrolling through my "newsfeed" as well.  It just feels less that way because I am usually on my computer doing schoolwork... Facebook is just sort of a distraction.  However, when I have breaks from school, I actually do spend a decent amount of time going through several books. 

SO, moral of the story here:  Life is kind of like movies, TV shows, novels, and any other type of entertainment that does not include science fiction or scary movies, and I want to start writing about it again (I used to do several types of writing).  Social media is bad for emotional well-being - for almost everyone -  so I am going to spend less time on things such as Facebook, and I shall start spending more time reading for pleasure, and not just for classes.  Oh, and of course there is my flute and my guitar... and with winter, I can start skiing again!  It has been too long since I my last ski session! 

Alas, I shall finish some of my classwork so I actually have free time for all of those other things I just spent thirty minutes writing (well, off and on... in between work text messages). 

Until next time,