Saturday, March 30, 2013

Updates and Thoughts

Well it has been quite some time since I've written a post.  I've actually written a couple, but never finished/published them.  I guess because it's a Saturday of a four-day weekend and I'm not really doing much I have been sitting here with my thoughts - which is pretty typical during long weekends when I'm not doing much.

Currently in the midst of a lot of possible changes.  Maybe there will be - maybe there won't - still some questions regarding it all.  This, of course, contributes to me sitting here in thought.  Fortunately, it would appear that some semblance of Spring has shown its face outside my window, so it will be an excellent day to do a little jog on some of the nearby trails.

I am curious who else experiences this... like, you can see, smell, almost completely feel how you felt in a distant memory, even though everything else around you is completely different from where it was.  I suppose I was experiencing that yesterday, but I was thinking back to being seventeen, which is really weird, because there is very little that is the same between now and ten years ago. I know, that seems completely random, but it sometimes happens to me - and I'm sure others as well.  I know it's not completely uncommon for this to take place with more emotionally linked memories, but these are not emotional memories, they're just... well... memories.

Now onto other topics.  I'm finishing up my third term for my master's program, so that means 4-5 terms (depending on if I choose to double up - which I think I'm going to do for next term).  So far I'm at a 4.0, and I guess we'll see if I can maintain that.  Once again there is the question of whether I'll be getting out of the military.  I'm leaning toward yes, I would rather get out than stay.  Sadly, this is a hard decision because a) I like my job, b) I've worked really hard to get here, and c) the economy sucks.  Buuuttt... there are so many things I DON'T like, and I know it would be better for ME if I got out.  On the economy side... I think with a bachelor's from a good school, a master's, and experience in both the IT field and financial management I should be able to find a decent job - even if I'm getting my master's in health administration.  There are also technology related jobs in that area (maybe even a step in the door since I don't have health care experience).  Actually I'm taking a health informatics class, and with everything that we're learning right now, I have experience with database design, SQL, and then the networking stuff that I worked while I was enlisted.  Sooo... if I can't get directly into administration, I'm sure I could get a couple of certificates and do well.  So I guess that isn't as big of a hurdle as I've been concerned with.

I'm still awaiting the freedom to drive.  Not being able to drive has been driving me utterly insane.  Okay, maybe not insane, but it's been probably my biggest source of stress at the moment.  Normally on a day like this I might go drive somewhere nice and do a nice long trail run... Good thing there are trails nearby, but nonetheless, I really miss driving.  Getting to and from work is almost always a question.  Well, getting to morning formations is pretty easy because it's a mile away, and with the weather better I can just run or ride my bike.  But for everything else where the weather sucks, or I have to get somewhere else, it's a bit frustrating.  I have some more testing to do before my neurologist will allow me to drive.  I honestly feel like I could drive no problems, but I gotta listen to the doc, right?

I guess that's a broad overview of life right now.  I'm just glad the sun is sorta starting to show it's face again. I think sometimes grey weather exaggerates any type of negative emotions.  Sunshine does the opposite :)

Until next time...