Monday, August 1, 2011

Fortunate to be here

As I was using tap water to fill my water bottle just a few minutes ago, I began to think how lucky we as Americans are.  With all of this debt-crisis going on, I think we may actually be realizing just how lucky we are to have the luxuries we are.  For so many years we have been in such a high position in the world that it's difficult to imagine being anything BUT a super-power with access to pretty much whatever we want.  But let's look at what we DO have - even if we AREN'T the only world superpower anymore:

- Clean drinking water.  How many countries can claim that?  Heck, even in Europe (or at least Germany... the only place I actually lived), the water is just not good.  Americans are all about their bottled water, but we don't even need it.  It's a luxury.  Having clean drinking water is a luxury.

- Public assistance.  People complain about how "socialist" our country is sometimes, but honestly, we aren't if you look at other countries.  Look at Europe where they are taxed huge amounts.  There is most definitely a discrepancy between classes in the United States, but we have opportunities that other countries do not.  How many other countries have citizens who come from poor families who are able to completely change their paths based on ability without paying nearly half of their income on taxes (okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration).

Most importantly we have freedom.  Sure, we may not have complete access to everything we want, but our country is one of very few where people can legally protest what the government is doing without getting into trouble.  I was talking to a friend recently about what would happen in most other countries if their citizens protested their government and their troops the way people in our country do.   And yet... these people still complain about the country.  It's okay though, it's their right.  As long as our citizens realize just how fortunate they really are to have that opportunity.

Of course, these are only the first few things that I thought of at the moment.  There are many, many more reasons to feel lucky that we are citizens of the United States - despite the negative (and really, where can you live that IS perfect?)    What are some other areas that you can think of what we are fortunate in?

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