Thursday, May 17, 2012

And when you have too much time on your hands

You start to think a lot... about EVERYTHING!  So here are some random thoughts that have been on my mind in these past jobless weeks:

1) The people who are most worth being in your life are the ones who will stick with you through good and bad.... unless you do something really awful to them.  Like sleep with their girlfriend/boyfriend/something along those lines.  I wouldn't expect someone to be my friend anymore if I did something like that to them (and no, I haven't).  Otherwise, if they ditch you because you're not "fun" or are depressed for a little while, they really aren't worth your effort/time/energy.  And before anyone gets upset or assumes this is some passive-aggressive means of telling somebody something, this isn't really directed at anyone, just something I've thought about.   But if you THINK it's directed at you, it probably is (but it wasn't MEANT to be directed at anyone in particular).  Get your brain wrapped around that one ;)

2) On that same token... most people can only take so much.  If it's never about them, and it's only about you ALL THE TIME, they will probably get tired of spending time with you (again, before anyone gets offended, this wasn't really directed at anyone.  But I was a psychology major... I like analyzing how people think/act!)  Unless someone has taken vows to remain with you for the rest of your life, or they are family, nobody is really obligated to spend time with someone who constantly drags them down.

3)  And on ANOTHER similar note.. There are definitely times that I PERSONALLY would rather be alone than drag other people down when I'm feeling down.  Anyone else feel that way?  But I'm sort of an introvert anyways, so I think that's normal.

4)  Life is short, and you don't know when something might happen to you or someone you love.  Therefore, while you should not be reckless with your life (there's no need to SHORTEN your life), you should enjoy your life and do what you love, and not take the people in it for granted.

5)  Shoot... and here goes my awesome memory.  I can't remember number 5.  Oh well, I'm going to follow thought number four and go RUN!  Because I love it, and I'm so happy that I can still do it :)   I'm sure I'll remember ten brilliant ideas when I'm out destroying my body.  Hehehe.


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  1. i'm super pumped that you can still run, btw. keep tough, girlie. i know you can get through anything & i'm hear if you ever need to bitch :) but i tend to get the same way when i'm down--i don't want to bring anyone else to my level, so i usually just go disappear until i feel better. luckily i've a short attention span, so once i get away from whatever set me off in the first place, i tend to feel better pretty quickly...but you already knew that! PS miss you lots (still)