Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Early Morning Ramblings

Well it's almost six a.m., and I have been up since around two!  That's when I looked at my clock, actually.  I was awake before that.  So I figure... what better thing to do than write a blog post?  Even if I don't really have anything relevant to say.  Nobody is awake, and I'm too tired to really work on the paper due Sunday - which is like half written anyway... It's a 9-10 page paper that needs 4-5 sources.  I've found like twelve.  This is why I did so well as a psychology major.  It's a lot of research, and I'm really good at finding research and making it relevant.  Heck anyone who knows me knows I research EVERYTHING - from the medications my doctors give me (who wants to be uninformed?) to the natural remedies, to psychological issues to... okay I guess I'm interested in health.  Maybe I should've tried to be a doctor.  Oh well - health care administration is close enough, right?  Okay, maybe not quite, but I figure I'll need some knowledge of at least the system (I'm still in services marketing right now, so I haven't covered much of the health care aspect, besides how to make the experience better for patients).  I suspect at some point I will attempt a Ph.D. in Psychology.  It's always been my passion, and I think it will continue to be that way.

Can anyone tell I haven't really slept yet?  I feel drunk.  You probably shouldn't write blog posts when drunk, or sleep deprived, but hey, it's okay.

I have an appointment with my neurologist today.  I'm HOPING HOPING he says I can drive at the end of the month.  I've still had partial seizures (a couple that I was SURE were going to end in full on seizures - aka - tonic clonic seizures - aka, grand mal seizures), but still no loss of consciousness that would get someone killed on the road, so I think I should be good!  Besides, I get like... two hours of feeling weird before I have a grand mal seizure anyways.  If I'm feeling weird, I won't be dumb, I won't drive.  I sure hope my next commander is understanding of this issue if I have to show up to work a little late, or I will probably end up back in a WTU to get med boarded out of the military.  But it's really not worth driving if I'm afraid I will have a seizure...  Actually, hopefully I will go somewhere where I can use public transportation, since this place has NONE.  That way if I have another seizure and can't drive again, I can still get around.  This would be ideal.  I wish 90% of army posts weren't in the middle of nowhere...  The cities AROUND Army posts usually have transportation, but unfortunately, unless you are somewhere like the Northwest or the DC area, there isn't usually a far-stretching transit system.  And because most places are like... ten miles from post if you want to live somewhere decent, it costs a lot to take a taxi.  I think taking a taxi everyday for a month would cost a ridiculous amount of money (more than gas!)

Next topic is, as usual, running related.  My foot and my knee!  Foot is doing even better today!  Stretching a bunch and using heat and epsom salt soaks, and rubbing my legs with that magnesium oil blend I talked about in last blog post are all helping a great deal.  I have also taken some Naproxen.  I wanted to avoid taking stuff, but if it will help heal it up faster, taking a little bit won't kill me.  Also, heat!  I have found heat to be significantly better for both of my injuries than ice.  I mean, it does make perfect sense.  I think this foot thing is caused in part by tight calves, so heating the calves helps relax them, hence pulling less on the tendons in the foot, and causing less pain!  Same with my IT Band, which has been a bit tight since my long bike ride on Sunday.  I've been applying heat to the leg above my knee (IT band and surrounding muscles), which helps loosen up the IT band, and takes away the pain.  Now I'm thinking... why would anyone say to ice these things?  It tightens everything back up.  Sure, it reduces swelling immediately after an injury and temporarily relieves pain, but once it's no longer acute, it doesn't make much sense, except maybe RIGHT on the spot of pain to reduce inflammation.  Since it seems as if most overuse injuries are caused by tight muscles surrounding the painful spot, it would make more sense to loosen them up than ice them... Just my thoughts and experiences.  I don't know why I didn't think to try this sooner... My heating pad is AMAZING!!!  Also, it is helping me deal with my post-strength training galore yesterday.  Did several lunges, single leg squats, double leg squats, other assorted leg exercises for the hips, abs, arms... pretty much everything.  Abs and arms aren't too sore, but the legs.  Oh man.  Those lunges will destroy!  I never do them, and the single leg squats are usually enough to leave me sore.

All right, I guess I'll finish getting ready for the day... Everytime I wake up too early I end up rushing out the door when it comes time to leave because I spend so much time doing other stuff (I mean, I have hours to go when I first wake up!)


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