Wednesday, June 29, 2011

List of Stuff

Okay, so with all of this free time, I have decided to come up with a list of everything I want to do/learn to do.  Obviously, I cannot do most of these things in the week of remaining leave that I have, but seeing as I won't be spending hours of my free time studying, even once I'm off of leave, I will hopefully have some time to do some of what I want to do.  This can be sort of my guide as to what to do when I'm bored and drinking coffee on my sister's living room floor with my laptop open (haha, of course I'm not doing that now...), seeing as I've gone through about five books in the past couple of weeks.  So here goes:

- Learn to play piano (I feel like I've written this down somewhere before)
- Take my GREs.
- Languages: Learn Arabic, at least maintain my little bit of Russian, improve German.
- Actually run a full marathon... yes, this has been on my list FOREVER.  Or about four years anyway.  Hopefully now that I'll actually be getting some sleep, I can actually do it without getting injured. I'd like to do one in the fall.  I think I could easily add an extra seven miles to my long run between now and October.  
- Re-learn cross country skiing/do some more downhill skiing (obviously in winter).  Good thing I'll be in upstate New York where there will be lots of snow - assuming I don't deploy immediately, which may well happen.
- Learn more about areas that interest me, for example:

  •  Psychology-related stuff
  • Geology (yes, I actually loved that class in college, even though most people didn't)
  • Anthropology-related areas.  Other cultures are so interesting to me.
  • And I have a lot more, but those are what comes to my mind right now..
So there you go.  There are lots of other things like hiking that I all ready do that I want to spend more time doing.  Or maybe snowshoeing!  I haven't done that since I lived in Tahoe :)  

Also, there is a possibility that my sister may end up in New York with me at some point, in which case, we're going to hit up some Canada together, as well as some Adirondack mountains.  I love that I have a sister who is as active as I am.  YAY :)  

I suppose I should get on that list now instead of writing about it... haha.  


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