Friday, February 17, 2012

Thoughts from yearling (sophomore) year of college!

So I was randomly going through an old blog of mine (Myspace... HAHAHA... I don't even know how I ended up over there) and I found the following entry. It's funny to look back on how I actually did develop some positive thought processes while at West Point (and the military in general, I suppose)... I think being a distance runner also helps :) Anyways, what's also funny about this entry is I wrote this blog on the same day as another really cynical blog (I might post it if my readers want it!) I also find it interesting how concerned I was with "standards" back then... Not so much standards in the military sense (like, what our uniforms should look like), but more so in regards to societal standards. For example, the time I got in trouble for drinking on a trip, and our officer in charge told me women and men have "a different set of standards" (in regards to my going to a bar... apparently it's more acceptable when a guy does it... even if it's against the rules for both groups as a cadet). I read somewhere around three entries in a row discussing my opinions on the topic. I guess it's still something I care about, but I think being surrounded by a certain opinion for so long as to how people should act/dress caused me to spend an awful lot of my time thinking about (especially when it was drilled into our heads ALL.  THE.  TIME.)  ... Seeing as I tend toward thinking into everything. Anyways, without further adieu....

A few thoughts....

So, just a few things I've thought about lately.

One of which being that as much as I wish that sometimes I could just sit down for awhile, I think I also thrive off of the busyness of this place. I like coming from academics, to going for a run and getting in a light lift, to coming back, showering, and doing school work. Of course, this is when I'm feeling rested and refreshed. It pulls me down at times, but at other times I feel more accomplished... more so than I would if I was at another school, I think. I know I'm not the only cadet who feels this way. I've talked to quite a few that, all though they often wish they were at a regular college, they feel like the discipline helps them excel.

Another, one thing I've learned while being here, and in the military in general, is mental toughness. I've come to learn that everything that sucks will eventually come to an end... at least in training. I tell myself that during every biathlon race when I'm running up the ridiculous hills, and it helps... I told myself that during Buckner when I struggled through ruck marches, and I tell myself that every bad day that I'm here. I've gone through enough bad days to realize that they all end eventually... even bad weeks, bad months, and heck... bad years (last year pretty much sucked the entire time). It's nice to know, that if I learn nothing else while I'm here, I've learned how to persevere through really bad times... Now, if I could keep the good attitude DURING those really bad times :)



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