Saturday, February 11, 2012

Work and Marathon training

I suppose it has been awhile since my last update... It would seem I don't have too many important/meaningful things to say as of lately (at least not online), so I will just make this an update on life :)

To be honest, life has pretty much consisted of work and running the past few weeks.  We spent a week doing a training exercise (which, by the way, in the world of Finance was NOT outside, but in an office building - can't complain about that!)  I always learn the most about my job during exercises.  I know this was my first time doing one of these in my current job, but when I was enlisted, that was how I became so good at my job: going to constant exercises and learning by doing.  It really is the best way.  Anyway, I have also found that my background in computers is quite useful to learning how to work with the systems we work with in this job.  Granted, I didn't do much on this exercise in regards to systems, but I did more than I get to do on a regular basis!  Anyways, I was home for a week, and I'm leaving AGAIN tomorrow... but THIS time, I'll be staying in a fancy hotel in Boston, and instead of days that are 12 hours, my days will be 8-9 hours :)  Again, I can't complain!  And, being the running nerd that I am, I have started looking up running routes.  Unfortunately, I will be working during most daylight hours, but FORTUNATELY the sun is coming up earlier these days... Oh, and there will be treadmills at the hotel, so I can run at any hour!

Speaking of running, marathon training is going reasonably well!  Oh wait, have I even talked about that on here?  I'm not even sure... I WAS going to do a 50-miler (it's a part of the same event as the marathon) before they added the marathon to the event, but once they added the marathon, I decided it would be wise for me to finish 26.2 before I tackle 50.  So far, I have managed to mostly stave off my usual flood of injuries.  My hip has been giving me some trouble, and the top of my left foot has had a little weirdness (it was uncomfortable for a couple of weeks a couple of months ago and went away, and today it feels a little funny too), BUT, so far, nothing has been bad to where I need to stop, and when I DO feel something that doesn't seem right, I take it easy, which I think is helping.  The hip thing is muscular (piriformis), and it's just annoying, but it is not a bone/tendon related thing, and it goes off and on, whether I run or not... Sitting on a massage ball seems to make it better too, so that has been manageable.  The foot thing... I have no idea.  I read somewhere that it is related to shoes being too tight, so I started lacing my shoes up differently, which I think actually helped it go away last time.  I'm not sure why it's bothering me now, but now that I think about it, I got a new pair of shoes and didn't lace them up differently, and I did 10 miles yesterday in them.  Hmmm... :)   Anyways, I did 16 last week without many issues (knees definitely hurt a bit during the run, but that's normal - as long as there's no pain AFTERward, I'm good!)

Speaking of the long run... I've been doing the Galloway walk-run method for my long runs, and I really like it!  Not only does it help me get through the long runs with less pain, but it aids in a quicker recovery.  After the 16-miler, I wasn't too sore or tired (I used to be really tired/drained after my long runs), and I was able to do eight miles two days later, and a track workout the day after that.  After my 14-miler, I COULD have run the next day.  Keep in mind, I haven't done any of these distances in a really long time... The last time I did 16 was over a year ago, so that quick recovery was definitely related to doing the walk breaks (I do a minute for every mile).  Of course, I can't help but wonder what I'll do ON the marathon.  If I actually follow Galloway's method, I'll be doing the walk/run for the marathon... I think I will walk some, but I don't know how frequently or for how long!  It's very hard for me to walk during a race that isn't a trail race (other than when I go through the water stations... I always walk those), but from what I've been reading, it's a good strategy on the marathon when most people are fine for awhile and then bonk.  The method also states that once you get to mile 18 or so, if you are feeling good, you can cut out the walk breaks and pick up the pace.  Sounds like how I usually run :)   Anyone have experience with this? I'd be interested to know how it turned out for you!  

Anyways, it's needless to say I'm really excited with my progress and I REALLY hope I can actually make it to marathon day this time.  I have a half marathon coming up in a couple of weeks, and I think that will give me somewhat of a gauge as to where I am.  This will be half marathon number 7, by the way!  I don't expect it to be a PR of any type... For one, the weather here in February is not exactly optimal!  Granted, it's far better than the 90 degrees/90 percent humidity down in South Carolina, but 15-20 degrees isn't exactly great race weather either!  I also don't want to kill myself on the half and not recover in time for my other training (i.e., my up and coming 20 miler that is actually supposed to be the week of the half... but I think I'll need to change that if I'm going to be racing a half marathon!)  Fortunately, the race is still two months away and I'm up to a 16-mile long run, so I have plenty of time to get in those twenty-milers.

And, if I want to get in a run before I head out tomorrow, I should get some sleep.  So, good night readers :)


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  1. I lived/worked around Boston for a little more than 2 years. There are walking/biking/running trails along both the Boston and Cambridge side of the Charles river that are nice. I used to pick my run distance by deciding how many "bridges" to go along the river before crossing and running back on the other side.

    Pretty much always a good run.