Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn and why I love it

I have,  obviously,  decided to write this post about my favorite season: autumn. 

To begin,  tonight. I went for a run through some of my favorite trails on post.  For the entire day I was thinking about how much I wanted to run.  Naturally,  by the time I actually get to the end of the day,  I am not feeling it... especially because the temps had dropped,  the sun was starting to go down,  and... well... I rarely feel like doing much of anything after work besides vegging out and watching some show on Netflix (lately it has been the entire Greg's Anatomy series), having a glass of wine,  and contemplating the universe.  Well,  okay,  usually I do homework,  but I rarely ever WANT to open my books and sit in front of my computer after I have been doing that the entire day (even now I am in bed writing with my tablet).  I prefer this type of writing :)

So,  back on topic.  I didn't feel like running, but I was lazy yesterday and ended up NOT running,  and anyone who know me knows I don't like taking more than one day off of running in a row.  I told myself just a short run as we have a 9 - 10 mile tempo run in the morning (ugghhh)  for the ten miler team. It is probably good I started a bit late, otherwise my short run would have turned much longer.  Not only did I feel AMAZING and I had that floating feeling I get sometimes during runs (unfortunately that usually means I forgot my seizure meds which was the case today,  but the feeling was still pretty awesome) , but the scenery was beautiful.  Since it gets quite chilly in the North Country early in the year,  we get awesome foliage quickly.

Right now we are only in the beginning, but I am already excited. During my run some of the trails were ready softer due to fallen leaves,  and in some spots the leaves were quite colorful.  At the end of the run I stopped and stretched near the water,  which was awesome.  The sun was setting,  the water was clear,  and the reflection from the sunset and colorful leaves was absolutely gorgeous.  A beautiful way to end the day!  I got to follow that by some wine,  naturally. ;)

That whole narrative was just to demonstrate some of the many things I adore about fall.  Crisp weather that isn't quite cold,  hot apple cider,  colorful leaves... oh,  and let's not forget how much I love fall fashions.  Sweater dresses and fall colors are probably my favorite things to wear.  And somehow it always seems there is a feeling of... how do I say this... newness?  I know  that is supposed to be spring,  and maybe I feel this way because when I was I school fall was always associated with the newness of a new school year.  I wrote a poem about this once,  and maybe I will post it when I am not on my tablet. 

Anyways, these are a few reasons why I always look forward to this change of season.... now... I do NOT like the NEXT change of season around here... but I am sure all my readers will hear about that one during another post!

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