Sunday, September 15, 2013

Updates and Random Thoughts

I know I have not written in a very long time, but I can't find my journal and I have all sorts of thoughts! Which is actually kind of normal; hence, why I have a journal!  So for those of you who are not my Facebook friends, here is a very quick rundown on my life from the past... uh... four months? Or something along those lines.  Well, I started doubling up on my graduate classes, so I should be graduating two terms early: spring of 2014 instead of Fall term 2015. I will admit I am looking forward to graduating. I am actually kind of wanting to take some mote self development classes at the community college just to obtain some additional skill, or perhaps a certificate or to to make me more marketable, seeing that I have no medical experience, and I am getting my Masters in Health Administration.   I am looking to find a job close to home in the generous Portland area,  AND there are several health facilities in the area, so I think my chances are high. I spoke to my mom about it and she is confident, as she put it: " I have never met an Ivy league graduate who couldn't get a job." I suppose West Point qualifies and I shouldn't have issues getting a job; however, the trick lies in finding one I like!

So why am I talking so much about this? Well, my medical board paperwork was approved... but... I'm still waiting for the process to even begin. And on a positive note related to this whole epilepsy thing: I can drive again! For those of you who did NOT know, I have been unable to drive for the seventeen months. I finally got cleared the week before last, and it was such a great feeling. I also ran my first ultra Marathon, made the army ten miler team for this post, so I think running is going pretty well! I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

So, anyways, I completely ended up missing the whole reason I wanted to write, and writing about it now would make this post far too long. So I may need to save it for another day. As a preview, it was going to be a bit morbid.

 Something along the lines of would you rather die knowing you were going to die so you could do what you have wanted to do and have avoided doing it - to tell your loved ones what you have wanted to say.... or would you rather not know and die suddenly- quickly (well ... that might depend) but not be thinking about it before it happens. I won't go too deep into the inner workings of my brain, but I suppose I am interested to see what others think.

Alas, I will keep it at that for the evening.

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