Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Battle Command/Mil Art/etc.

I have managed to finish my last "History of the Military Art," or... Mil Art...  paper prior to midnight.  I attribute that success to staying up entirely too late the last two nights.  Now I'm down to two more graded events before the week's end: a presentation for my social psychology class (which we had to actually present to our instructor today, so that's mostly done) and a paper for my colloquiem class (Positive Psychology) about resiliency. 

Tonight we had our first Battle Command Conference speaker.  He was actually pretty good, but unfortunately, I was also pretty tired, despite my three-hour nap today.  After the speaker we went and mingled with some ROTC cadets from other schools and officers.  I'm not terrible good at mingling (despite appearances, I actually get semi-shy in settings where I have to confront people I do not know), but it turned out well.  I got to talk to someone else who is going Finance, but his training is a month before mine, so I'm sure we'll bump into each other again.  It is kind of cool to meet people who you'll be seeing again, which is why these events are kind of cool.  I think a trip to the Firstie will be in order tomorrow night while people are still here.  It's a bit easier to be social and mingle in that setting. 

Oh, it was also neat because I got to meet someone who was mentioned in the book The Long Gray Line, and he also writes history books.  His name is Tom Carhart, and the name actually sounds very familiar, so I looked him up online.  He was a '66 graduate who served in Vietnam and wrote several books about Vietnam.  I'm wondering if his name also sounded familar from what I had read in The Long Gray Line, but I'm not sure because it's been years since I've read the book - as in - I haven't read it since I was enlisted. 

Anyways, now that that paper is complete, and the Battle Command Conference is complete (for tonight... we have a whole day tomorrow), and we have an early wakeup tomorrow, I should actually get some sleep :)


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  1. I'm still running into people I knew at boat school. It's a small military.

    Yeah; you should sleep.