Monday, April 11, 2011

Wisdom teeth and other random updates

Well I finally got the remainder of my wisdom teeth removed (three of them).  My lip is still quite numb, my cheeks are quite swollen, and the left side of my mouth hurts, BUT... it's over!  Well, now there's the recovery period, which means being lazy and not running or anything for a week.  As such, I did a 13.3 mile run yesterday.  I actually felt quite good!  Except my tendinitis kind of started bothering me around 6-7 miles, and as usual, I started getting tired around mile 12, but somehow caught my second wind and finished feeling great.  I actually ran negative splits, which was nice!  And now I've got an entire week to recover!  Woohoo!  And what is essentially a four-day weekend since I am on quarters (meaning, I don't go to classes or anything) for today and tomorrow.   I must say I was quite high this morning, but my escort took good care of me and made sure I ate, took my meds, and left me a note with the time/etc. when I took the meds.  I think I must've slept for about four hours and finally woke up again around 1:30'ish this afternoon and have been trying to get some work done. 

And now... now I'm just absolutely famished, and am sitting here eating strawberry sorbet that I bought yesterday.  I ate a LOT of food yesterday because I knew for the next few days I would be hungry, haha.  Actually I feel a little nauseous, which may be from the pain meds/sedation earlier, but I'm in pain, so I'm waiting for that six hour mark to roll around so I can take some more, and likely pass out for awhile.  And yet I feel like there is SO much to do!  I got very little actually accomplished this weekend, though it was a great weekend.  Friday night was dinner out with friends at a delicious Thai restaraunt that recently opened up nearby (sooo glad there's a nearby Thai restaraunt!!).  Saturday was what WAS going to be a long-run turned really rocky trail run, followed by a cute little diner in the town of Tuxedo, followed by me not wanting to come back because it was such an AWESOMELY gorgeous day, so going up Bear Mountain and taking pictures, followed by hurrying to get ready for a friend's birthday party dinner.  And then yesterday was a friend's bridal shower followed by a long run... So, what might've been a very free weekend actually turned out to be very busy, but in a good way!   

So next up on the agenda: next weekend is Sandhurst weekend, which means two very large BBQs, lol.  Following that is the first annual West Point 1/2 Marathon.  It is comforting for me to know I can still run 13.1, haha.  I seriously doubt I'll be setting any personal records, especially because I won't be running this entire week, but it should be fun.  The purpose is to honor the graduates who have died in combat... I think it's a great idea and am excited to run it - even if we have to do it in our physical fitness uniforms (that are terrible for running).  I'm honoring those who died while in uniform, so I can't really complain there. 

Alas, I should get some more work done until I fall asleep again (which will likely be soon because I'm about ready to take my second dose of pain meds).  I also need to eat some real food... I did buy soup, so that will likely be my next "meal."


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  1. Homework is overrated. You're a second semester Firstie who already has your branch & post.