Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A poem (and procrastination)

Feeling particularly bleh after a slightly crappy day and being quite tired for no good reason, I decided that ice cream would help when Melissa invited me to go eat with her.  It did. And then I came back and wrote a poem, which I just don't do often enough anymore.  The good news is, being tired and feeling slightly melodramatic inspired me to write something that might actually be semi-decent (for some reason my happy poems always suck).  It's called "This Secret." 

This Secret

It’s been some time since I’ve been here
In this hidden spot where I lie
This little secret a little too near

But I won’t let you know
Cause I’m frozen on the outside
And I won’t let it show
                   Through the ice where I hide

                   This is how it’s always been
                   And how it’ll always be
       Hidden inside a wooden den
                   Is this secret within me

                   But put your flame to that frost
                   Watch it melt, watch it burn
                   I might be scared, I might be lost
                   But that little secret you might earn

Okay, instead of writing poems I'll start on this paper that's due tomorrow.  And studying for an exam I have tomorrow.  My motivation to do ANYTHING has decreased exponentially this past week.  Anything except run, that is, and play my flute (which I did with my roommate playing accompaniment on the piano!  I found my accompaniment books!!!) .  I ran today for six miles on the treadmill.  I only ran on the treadmill because I just felt like not thinking about where I was running and drowning myself in music with endorphins (told you I'm feeling melodramatic - I'm even wearing the artsy hat to prove it), and we can't run with headphones on post.  Oh, I'm also listening to my chick-rock/Indie/whatever-genre-you-wanna-call-it... Or hippie-music as my roommate calls it.  Love it. 

And since most of you have no idea I write, or haven't read any of my writing, I'll finish with a couple of other random poems I've written in the past, like...  well, years.  I only had to copy and paste these :)   

Here is a favorite of most people's... I don't remember the title.  I don't really title most of my poems...

Looking at the reflection on the mirror
The past hidden in almost-black eyes
Wondering why in my heart I fear her

Walking through a thick, dark door
Leaving all the old ways behind me
Leaving behind every known horror

Running isn't even fast enough
Needing to get away from that girl
A little farther, just a little more tough

Am I far enough away?
I wonder
To not hear what she wants to say?

Finally exhausted and tired
Forgetting why I'm running
A reason finally being required

I turn slowly around
And there she stands
I can only look down

Eventually I must
Look her in the face
I gaze up with no trust

I am astounded by what I see
Not a huge monster
Only me


Hanging on to the ledge
Hardly grasping
Close to the edge
Swinging up
Then falling down
Fingers slipping
Afraid to hit
The cold, hard ground

Grab my hand
Before I fall
Pull me up
This slippery wall

And if your hand
Lets mine slip
Let clouds soften
The hardened land


I have several more, but I don't know where they are right now.  I think they are on under username nrb2233 if anyone is curious. (  I also have other ones scattered about the internet somewhere...  And in journals... and... yep.

Okay, paper-writing time now.




  1. yummy poetry :) and yeah t-buckets were necessary, as was my lemon merenge pie

  2. Thanks girl! Yeah... some deliciousness + poetry was just what I needed to boost my mood, haha.