Sunday, April 3, 2011

Race and stuff

First I suppose I'll talk about something upbeat.  I did my ten-miler yesterday.  It was a great race, but I destroyed my ankles on all the rocks and mud.  I twisted both of them several times, and my right one had a slight pop at one point... It's a bit swollen and bruised today, so needless to say, I'm not running today. I was actually holding a pretty decent pace until I hurt myself... I slowed down significantly after hurting both ankles.  I think the right one is just a sprain... But we'll see.  I wish my wisdom teeth removal was this week instead of next week so my rest could coincide with the week where I won't be able to do anything after the removal anyways.  This way, I may have to take two weeks off :/  Not fun considering I intend on doing a half marathon on the 23rd.  Anyways, my time was okay I guess... I did it in 1:33:20... a 9:20 minute mile average.  I got 19th overall, and I think third for the women.  I wish I could've run it faster, but yeah my ankles weren't having any of that.  I also veered away from my usual racing strategy, which is start slow and get faster.  Oh well.

And I was going to say a lot more, but changed my mind.  As in, I typed it up then deleted it.  And I think I didn't eat enough yesterday because I am CHOWING DOWN today.  Oh man.  Haha. 


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  1. Ouch! Oh well...that's a fine time. Great Job! Your rest weeks are tougher than my usual weeks. :-)