Monday, March 28, 2011

And the results are....

Two miles in 14:25 (really the only thing I cared about), 90 situps in two minutes, and 53 pushups in two minutes.  The pushups have decreased since the summer... I guess because I've been working more on running and less on strength.  The two mile time, however, is the best I've done for the physical fitness test :)  I mean, I've run faster than that on a track (well, a 12:50 3000 meter... which would've likely equated to a 13-something minute two mile).   So, I'm overall pretty happy!  I'm also happy because that was the LAST APFT I have to take as a cadet :)  Meaning, last graded physical requirement that I needed to pass to graduate!  WOOOHOOO!  :)  <---- see, lots of smiles.  I'm happy!  Hehe. 

Next up... Law homework due tomorrow... bleh, followed by a ten-mile trail race on Saturday, several assignments due next week, crown lengthening surgery on the 6th, and then the rest of my wisdom teeth the following week.  And then of course more assignments, and the West Point Half Marathon on the 23rd :)  BUSY MONTH!  In a good way, of course, because it means I'm even closer to graduation.  BOOM!  Okay, now I have to get to our weekly staff meeting :/ 



  1. So proud of you! I'm proud of all of us, actually :) a stellar performance from our girlies!

  2. Same! Everyone did awesome today! Our whole group rocked it :)

  3. Excellent! Does everyone run it on the same day? I saw a bunch of Army folks out this morning doing their fitness test as well.

  4. Umm.... we actually do it by regiments when it's just the seniors taking it. It's not an Army-wide thing though.