Thursday, March 17, 2011

NOT getting wasted on St. Patty's Day???

Some of you may notice that there is now a "19" under a mileage tracker to the left.  Well, I joined Dailymile, and that is my mileage as of Tuesday when I joined.  I thought it would be a cool way to motivate myself, though I haven't gotten any comments on my... two... entries :)  Today was about seven miles, the first portion was uphill, but the rest was downhill.  My legs were still quite sore from my trail 12-miler the other day.  Man, I can't wait until 12 miles STOPS being the point when I start hurting.  Even when I was training for the marathon, I got sore after about 12 miles.  And then the last 4-6 would just SUCK.  I suspect maybe I was running too fast, but slowing down didn't seem to help.  Maybe I just need to get my weekly mileage up... I was at 35 miles per week before I got injured, and that was with an 18 mile long run.  Now I'm around 25-30 miles per week for the past few weeks, but my longest run has been 12 miles, so I've upped my weekly mileage while decreasing my long run. 
So the plan for the next couple of days... tomorrow, drive out to a lovely little reservoir and go run (I think).  It's supposed to be 61 :)  I know for those of you who are in warm, tropical places (or were, in the case that you read this AFTER Spring Break is over), that doesn't seem terribly warm.  However, for me, that is quite warm!  Actually during today's run, when it was only 55, it felt almost TOO warm in my shorts and t-shirt, which, by the way, it felt GREAT to run in ONLY shorts and a t-shirt without being cold.  Though the allergies that start hitting me in March make breathing a bit difficult... *sigh*...  And sadly it won't be as warm Saturday, but I intend on hiking around one of the mountains near here... probably the one that's a 5-minute drive from where I'm staying (this is the mountain where I ran halfway up the road to get to the trailhead), but perhaps one of the others.  Today I went for a drive - oh how I love having a car that gets AWESOME gas mileage!  I drove out to some of the mountains that were Northwest of where I am staying.  It reminded me of Tahoe, except not as high in elevation, and back when I lived in Tahoe, I used to LOVE going for drives with my family :) 

So I suspect I'm one of few not out getting wasted for St. Patty's Day right now.  Readers, no need to worry that I don't act like a semi-normal college student because I drink plenty when I'm at school, and I drank plenty the last two St. Patty's Days... but this year, I guess I just wasn't feeling the party thing as much.  I suppose because I drink plenty when I'm with my friends at school :)  When I can drink whenever I feel like it, I just don't have the motivation to spend a lot of money to go somewhere else just to drink a lot in another setting.  Besides, most of my friends are scattered among the country/world with their families/various school functions.  I suppose I know enough people that I could have found people who I'm semi-close with to party with in a foreign country, but again... just no motivation to spend thousands of dollars on something I've probably all ready done (keep in mind I lived in Europe for over two years, and travelled quite a bit while I was there).  Honestly, this has been the most rejuvinating and most stress-free Spring Break I've had of my college career.  Besides, I have wine :)

 All right, I suppose I will get back to reading about Vampires.  No, not Twilight, but The Historian.  It's really interesting as it is somewhat of a mystery that involves Dracula and a girl who has gone to find the history of Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) after she finds a mysterious book in a library that her father also found, and his advisor in graduate school ALSO found.  Her father is a historian, hence the title, and he goes searching for the history of Dracula in Istanbul and where Dracula may be burried after his advisor disappears.  See, it's quite interesting.  I did read most of the Twilight series, and this is much more interesting...   And then I need to read Into Thin Air... and then a biography of someone for one of my military classes, and a book about Vietnam, and a self-help book (rather, a book about positive psychology) for my Colloquium class... sigh... the only one I'm looking forward to actually reading out of those is the one for my psychology class, though I think reading about disorders is much more interesting than reading about happy feelings.  Maybe that's why I struggle with my own "happy feelings" lol. 



  1. For some reason, I wasn't feeling in the party mood, either. Also, I'm a bit sore from 2-a-day workouts. Maybe we're getting old.

  2. Yes, I'm afraid you may be correct. I mean... I'm older than all of my friends by 3-4 years, and you're 4 years older than me, so it makes sense.

  3. Come're not old. :-)

    Don't fret, you're just channeling your party-energy into more running. No problem.