Friday, March 11, 2011

Creepy dreams about Tsunamis? And Spring break

First:  This tsunami stuff is creepy because I've had two dreams in the past three months about tsunamis.  Here is a copy and paste of my other blog from January 15th that I wrote about one of my dreams:

This one was about a tsunami.  A really big one. For some reason I lived on the coast and could see it "brewing" outside my window.  The waves in the ocean were getting bigger and bigger throughout the day after one of the guys I know (not sure why he was in the dream) told us that there was a tsunami expected at 8 p.m. the next day.  My friends and I went out dancing anyways the night before, and we started seeing the waves the next day.  Everyone was still asleep and I looked out the window and there were small lightning strikes over the water as the waves got bigger and bigger, kind of like an electrical storm of some sort, and the sky was dark (even though it was morning/afternoon... not sure of the exact time).  The random guy said "I'm getting outta here!"  And of course I thought "why didn't I think of that?"
So I go to wake my family up and they are being sluggish, so I start yelling it's an emergency and a huge tsunami is brewing outside our window.  They finally get up and are ready, but for some reason I couldn't find anything.  I couldn't find my shoes or clothes or anything so we could leave.  I was starting to panic, and then I woke up.
I wonder if these dreams are a result of my lack of sleep last week and my new sleeping schedule.

My second one I wrote on 15 February in my other journal (not online)... I woke up in the middle of the night (3:21 a.m.... I actually write times on my journal entries), and wrote very quickly while I still remembered it.  I will leave out the first portion (which involved crazy people):

"At Drum, lots of snow.  People in crazy boots.  Walking around in snow.  Lake got very windy.  Thought of another tsunamis.  Wave swept us awaky but I skiied w/feet.  Then woke up" (yes that's what I wrote at 3:21 a.m.

Sooo... two in the the past few months, so when I heard about this it freaked me out. 

On another note...

Today is the first day of Spring Break... My last spring break as a cadet.  I have never gone anywhere warm, and this year is no exception.  Well, okay, last year I did go to Florida, and it wasn't very warm :-/  So I have TRIED, it just hasn't happened.  Without getting into exact details as to where I went (I mean... I don't know if I have a stalker out there?  Unlikely, but you never know), I am spending my time in a very cute little place in a little mountain'ish town.  Unfortunately, there is still some snow here, fortunately, it is not a lot.  I intend on some hiking/trail running/exploring all the cool little shops and such around here. 

Currently, I am enjoying a glass of the very good complimentary red wine that was left for me on the little dining room table.   I actually got to cook dinner tonight, which was awesome.  I know, for normal people, that's not really a big deal.  For me... well... We don't get to cook much back at school.  It's not as if I have a kitchen though some people do joke that my room is like a kitchen.  So I have to brag about my meal because back in the day (high school - WAY back in the day), my family used to joke about my cooking abilities.  Of course, I CAN cook... I just chose not to.  Anyways, sauteed spinach, mushrooms and chicken sausage, topped with crumbled goat cheese as my side dish.  The main dish was three cheese and spinach ravioli with vodka sauce, and again some crumbled goat cheese.  Oh it was so good... And now I get to drink wine, which, by the way, I'm not allowed to do in my own room at school.  I may actually get some work done as well...  I remember back in Germany my college grades were awesome.  I mean, part of that was because the classes were sooo easy, but the other part I think was because I was in a relaxed state when I did my work.  I was by myself, and nobody was giving me new work to do at 9 p.m.  Actually... I was usually in bed by 9:30 or 10.  Oh how I miss those days. 

And I started that hours ago.  I actually spent a few hours working on research... and drinking wine.  So productive :) 

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