Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's adventure - with pictures!!!

Okay it wasn't REALLY an adventure, but it felt like one :)  I took my new Yaktrax out on the trails today!  For awhile I was doubting whether I needed them, because the first portion of the trails I ran were fairly snow-free.  Luckily, I had asked one of the mailing groups I'm on if they knew the trail conditions, and one of them responded that he'd been on Saturday and that there was indeed snow on the trail.  And there was!  First, about the Yaktrax - for my running readers who might be interested in running in the snow :)

 I actually liked them quite a bit.  I had read a few negative reviews on them... a couple of people said they came off, they didn't grip well, etc.  They worked well for what I was doing, and they were pretty light!  I all ready wear pretty light shoes (the trail version of the Kinvaras), and I didn't have a problem with them.  I also had no problem with them falling off, which may be because I have such small feet that they were not over-stretched on my feet.  I might suggest for someone else who wants to try them to get one size up.  They worked very well on hard-packed snow and ice, not so well on the semi-slushy melted snow.  I just wish I'd had these for my trail race a few weeks ago!

With the Yaktrax on
Secondly I used my Camelbak Octane 18x for the first time on a run... I'd used it on hikes before, but never on a run.  I will say I wasn't terribly impressed.  It was great for hiking, but I just couldn't get it to fit right for the run... But I am glad I brought a larger camelbak, especially if my run would've turned longer, or if I'd added some more hiking.  I was able to fit a fleece shirt, my camera, my cell phone, and I was able to put my Yaktrax in the bag for when I wasn't using it. 

One portion of the trail :)
 Anyways, it was a painful 12'ish miles.  Much more painful than my last twelve mile run.... The combo of the snow, hills (my last trail run was the trail race I did a few weeks ago), Yaktrax, the extra weight of the Camelbak, and still being sore from my last two runs all hit me I think.  And yet I made it, though I didn't think I was going to make it at the end, lol.  That was actually the longest TRAIL run I've done I think since the time I got lost in September and accidentally ran 14 miles, while the intention was for 11 miles (it was supposed to be my first time running that distance since my first injury back in 2007!) , and even during that run, I'm not sure even 12 of it was on trails.  So I guess it would make sense I was sore :)  I think I'm going to save my next trail run for melted snow though... I think it's all melted at school, so that shouldn't be a problem :)

And nooww... PICTURES!  Any of you from this area may recognize the location :)
Nice View... one of MANY
So, okay.. bad running form doesn't work in those Yaktrax.  Oh, and that's my one tattoo.

Yep... this is what I got to look at during my run today.

I have tons more, but they get kind of repetitive.  Those were my favorites :) 


  1. Thanks! And to answer your response to my other blog entry... no dreams about planes crashing :)

  2. Whew! I'm waiting to get on one now to go back to the west coast. No crashes, no crashes! :-)