Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deja Vu... (or is it Vous?)

Do you ever get these random recurring thoughts and you cannot for the life of you figure out where they came from?  I guess they are sort of like deja vu, but they make no sense.  In deja vu you might feel like you've been somewhere before... But, it's not a fact of where I've BEEN, it's what I've supposedly done, but it makes no sense.   You think maybe the thoughts MUST have come from a dream in order to KEEP having them, but you don't remember any such dream?  So this keeps happening to me these past couple of weeks.  I keep thinking that something happened, but it didn't, because it makes no sense whatsoever that it could have possibly happened.  I think the cumulative effects of sleep deprivation must be hitting me hardcore right now.  Or maybe I'm just going crazy.  Too much caffeine + not enough sleep + other various factors = a very strange combination.

Alas, I should finish this Law homework that's due in a few short hours... They say there is no minimum word count, but the maximum is 1800.  I have 1,520 words right now.  I know they (they being the Law department... tricky graders they are) SAY there is no minimum.  But really, the Army also has minimum scores for the APFT, but if you get that score, you're actually sucking.  I think the same goes for papers...  I feel that I'm missing something if I have over 200 words UNDER the minimum.  *Sigh*.



  1. well...sometimes less is more. Of course, I don't remember that always working. *sigh*...anyway. Good luck.

  2. Happens to me all the time--the recuring thoughts/dreams. That said, they're usually about the pending zombie apocolypse.

    Just kidding.


  3. Yeah, so I'm pretty sure I'm just losing my mind. It's okay though, I'm sure it will come back.

  4. Actually I should say I'm pretty sure there is something wrong, because I almost passed out, like... legit passed out/got really dizzy shortly after I wrote that post. Twice.

  5. Random thoughts? All the time.