Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grumpy, Tired, and generally Bleh

It's about 11:30 P.M. here.  I've been working on my capstone paper for awhile... It's about ten pages, and I feel like it should be much longer, but I don't really know what else to say... There is so much data on my topic that I could write an entire series of books, but I need to keep it to relevant information.  My topic is Divorce in the Military, and more specifically, we are writing about factors that cause divorce in the military, and how we are trying to contribute to solving the problem using positive psychology.  So, we created a website that is supposed to offer support to spouses in the form of "success stories."  Basically, people submit struggles they may have encountered as a married couple and how they overcame those issues.  We also link them to various sites that they can use as support such as blogs/forums/family readiness groups, etc.  It's a good idea in concept... I'm hoping we get a decent grade.  I feel like my writing sounds much more like a freshman written product as opposed to a senior's capstone paper.  Ugh. 

I'm also grumpy... And tired.  I kept waking up last night from weird dreams.  Very vivid and odd... not BAD dreams, just very strange.  One was so realistic I literally felt everything I would have in the situation and woke up feeling as if it had happened.  Weird...  I've also had the munchies like crazy all day.  I've wanted chocolate, fatty foods, etc.  Somehow I've managed to avoid over-eating (mostly).  I suspect because for ONCE I have hardly any food in my room, hehe.  That and I've been so anxious most of the day that food hasn't been that appealing, minus the past few hours or so.  I feel bad for people who cross me when I'm in this type of mood... Luckily I've kept my mouth shut for the most part, minus this blog (which I guess is more my fingers than anything I'm SAYING), and putting my half eaten slice of pizza back in the box when one of my friends was giving me a hard time earlier (sorry for that if you're reading this!)... I ended up finishing most of it anyways. 

On a positive note, I did an 8-mile run today.  On a couple of negative notes... my knees are kind of bothering me (though oddly they are feeling better now than they did BEFORE my run), and rather than coming back from my run feeling happy like I usually am, I was still in a bad mood.  Probably because some asshole towny yelled something at me while I was trying to cross the street.  I don't know what he said, but it didn't sound nice and it was right before I got back on post.  It made me not like people very much... which I was all ready feeling today for most of the day minus a few moments where I was able to be in a good mood.

Alas, I must finish writing this paper... editing it and such.  I really hope I get a decent grade.  Maybe I should do more on it tomorrow morning when I'm more alert... I feel like right now I'm just not alert enough to come up with anything that sounds good.  I mean... it's DONE, just not... DONE DONE.  If that makes sense?  Plus I have two more papers to work on... I thought senior year was supposed to be easier??? :) 


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