Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Okay so this is starting to freak me out

That deja vu I was talking about has gotten bad today.  Like REALLY bad, and then I've had several really dizzy spells followed by "out of body" feelings.  It probably wouldn't freak me out so much except I had a seizure once last February, and this is how I felt before my last seizure.  After that last entry I wrote, I went to a briefing for a class (in the same place I had my last seizure), and I got that really weird feeling I was talking about and told Amber, who was sitting next to me.  I got up and walked to the restroom and rinsed my face with cold water and was okay for awhile until my next class, where I had to go and do the same thing.  It went away and then just now I tried to sleep and I felt the same weird deja vu followed by dizziness, and I got up.  I realized that I was doing the same thing early this morning, or maybe I wasn't... and now I'm just going nuts, lol.  No, not really.  Like I told Mel: if I was going crazy, I wouldn't actually realize it.  Hopefully a good nights sleep tonight will help :)  I'm also going to get dinner at the Firstie.  I don't know about much alcohol if my body is freaking out on me, but maybe a couple of drinks will wind me down (I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls right now, which makes no sense because I only slept like 3 hours last night - if even that much).  Haha, and people wonder why I say I need a lot of sleep!  This is like the third time a severe lack of sleep has caused me to feel this way, but the other times the doc attributed it to diet pills, which I did not take this time.  I dunno if it was the pills that did not so much as the fact I took them when I was really tired to try to keep going, and I'm really tired now. 

Okay, I'm done for now :) 



  1. diet pills??

    Oh well, get some rest.

  2. Have you been eating? It's easy to forget when you get busy. I know I did when I was a cadet.

  3. Goodness, not for a long time. That's what everyone latches on to, but it's not really that uncommon - especially when youre trying to stay alert :)

    Anywhos, yes I eat plenty. I NEVER forget to eat, haha.