Saturday, March 5, 2011

run and such

Today's workout was a 12 mile run.  Longest run since November (just like last weekend).  :)  My foot was hurting a little when I finished, but it's fine now.   It was overall a good run.  Not a terribly fast pace (9:24 minute mile), but I purposely ran it a little slower... It's too easy for me to start off too fast for a long run, because, well... frankly, a 9-minute mile just isn't fast, but when I'm building my endurance back up, it is.  I wear my Garmin, so I usually know my exact pace at most points in the run, and it's not uncommon for me to look down and think "Oh I better slow down."  I'm glad I did because I was pretty tired by the end of the run.  I'm still exhausted, actually. 

Funny story from my run: so one of the regiments here had Saturday training.  I have no idea where they had it considering where I saw them driving from, but anyways, I was running across the bridge here that's about six miles out from school, and a group of them in their HMMWVs and uniforms is driving back to school waved at me and was yelling "hooah!  PT is free!!!"  I was running in my uniform, of course.  So, that made me laugh.  I don't know if I knew them, I suppose if I did, they may be reading this now :) 

I probably shouldn't go out tonight.  However, I'm absolutely famished and don't have much real food to eat.  I have lots of noodles, but I had noodles for lunch, and I have spinach, but something tells me that won't really fill me up.  Of course, there's cheese.  But none of this will fill me up much after running... Especially because I've had very little to eat today. So, dinner will be at my favorite little place that is within a ... two minute walk.  Most of you who read this know exactly what I'm talking about.  Unfortunately, dinner is never just dinner... it's usually drinks too.  And it's Saturday night and everyone has had a stressful week, so I bet it will be packed. 

We had our inspection this morning, to include a room and uniform inspection.  Oh boy that was fun... I love standing in the same position for 50 minutes, but at least it wasn't cold!  It's so warm up here right now!  I wish it could stay this way.  Perfect running temps! 

Alas, my stomach is speaking to me in all sorts of expletives right now, so I had better go get some food. 



  1. 12 miles is such a great distance: long enough that you don't feel bad about taking a "slow" pace, not so long that you hit "the wall" and feel like shit when you're done. Fantastic.

    You probably should get a beer or two tonight: replenish your carbs.

  2. Yeah it really is a good distance! I realized I forgot to bring any type of food/energy gel with me, but I was fine. Much longer than two hours and I start needing something to keep me going. I think I replenished the carb store... hehe. Even though dinner was a giant bowl of chili :)