Sunday, March 20, 2011


On going back, that is... I don't want to go back :(  I'm only a few hours from school, and really I could wait another 3-4 hours to leave and still have plenty of time, and I finished packing awhile ago.  I wasn't even going to wake up for almost another hour, but then I woke up around 8 (and was up til 2 reading), and I started thinking about everything I had to get done and couldn't fall back asleep...  oh and the birds chirping quite loudly outside my window didn't help... and then I saw how lovely it was outside, and I REALLY couldn't sleep.  Quite a bummer since I will be going back to school with dark circles under my eyes.  They had finally disappeared and I looked so alive for once!  I guess West Point + looking awake just don't go together.  You can compare them to oil and water.  Oh I so want to graduate!  I'm so tired of the constant pressure of that place.   I know life is pressure, and I've lived in the "real world," but knowing someone can come to my room anytime between 5:20 in the morning  and 11:30 p.m. and tell me they need me to do something is just too constant.  That's why this break was so nice :)  Mountains, fresh air, actually reading my own books, sleeping as late as I want... nobody telling me what to do/where to go... SOOOO nice! 

I suppose I SHOULD completely finish packing though and head out... I can always take a nap at school, and then go for a run... though this bed is SO much more inviting with its big fluffy comforter and six big fluffy pillows. Okay I'm done :)



  1. And judging by your distance widget - you've had plenty of opportunities to run. Guess you can do that at grey and dreary West Point too. :-)

  2. Ah, very wise insight :) I did in fact get in some running. However, I did not run today :( I'm quite sore from my hike yesterday. I also didn't nap (I drank coffee for the first time in awhile on the drive down...)

  3. Dude!! Your miles are PILING up this week!!

  4. Haha, I did 8 yesterday and 4 on Monday. I need to write a new blog actually... I've been lazy. And busy with writing this paper I had to turn in today.